Living in Winnetka, California

Posted: September 17, 2015 in Attorney, Business

Winnetka, California is located in the west-central San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles and has is populated with a substantial rate of Asian and Hispanic residents. Winnetka was established as a farming community back in 1922, and today has four private schools and six public schools.

History of Winnetka

Winnetka has a history that goes back to 1920 when the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce asked Charles Weeks to establish a network of one-acre egg farms in the San Fernando Valley. The egg farms were based on the formula developed by Weeks and implemented in East Palo Alto, California. After the success of the egg farms in East Palo Alto, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce decided to have Weeks implement the farms in Winnetka. This gave way to a small farming community to develop in the area, which was initially called Weeks Poultry Colony. However, as the farms developed, Weeks renamed the colony Winnetka, representing the name of his farm in Winnetka, Illinois.

Winnetka is home to a couple of parks and recreation centers namely; Winnetka Recreation Center, Quimby Park, Winnetka Child Care Center, and Runnymede Park. Winnetka Recreation Center is an ideal place for community events and election polls. The center has an indoor gym without any gym equipment, a lighted baseball diamond, children’s play area and a room that is used for election polls and other events.

Quimby Park has a children’s play area, unlighted tennis courts and basketball courts, but no toilet facilities.

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