How to Play Guitar Chords Easily

Posted: September 22, 2015 in Attorney, Business

Most beginner guitarists have trouble playing guitar chords properly. For most beginners, holding the chords is difficult because they are trying to hold down different metal strings in a compact space on the fretboard with one hand while strumming with the other. It does take practice to be able to play the chords properly. Here are a couple of tips to help you get started.

Finger Position

To play chords on the guitar, you will need to place your fingers in a squared manner on the fretboard. Placing your fingers squarely on the strings will enable you to have clear sounds from each string. To ensure that your fingers are placed in a squared manner on the fretboard, take a long pencil and insert it between the fretboard and your fingers, the pencil should pass through freely. This will allow your fingers to move into the right position to play the chords.

Distance from the Fret

The area where you place your fingers between the frets should be correct if you want to get the right sound from your strings. Place your finger close to the fret that is directly in front of your fingers. Placing your fingers on the fret or far from the fret will make playing the chords difficult. Of course when you play the “D” chord, you will have to adjust your finger placement in such a way that you have space to place three fingers on the same fret.

Using the Right Amount of Pressure

When playing guitar chords, you will need to use the right amount of pressure. In fact, you do not need to press down hard on the strings to get a clear sound. If you do, you will exert pressure on your fingers and forearm which will result in pain. Make sure you have placed your fingers correctly on the strings, and that they are not touching the other strings. With proper placement of your fingers on the fretboard, you will not need to use pressure on the strings.

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