Andrew M Wyatt, Attorney – Focusing on Family – Finding time to put people first

Posted: November 16, 2015 in Attorney

Spending quality time with family and friends is often left for special occasions or Holidays. Taking time out of busy schedules and booming careers can seem nearly impossible. With 24 hour access to business around the world and the marketplace increasing on a global level, many professionals never completely detach from the leash of cell phones and mobile devices that present a steady stream of information and workload at all hours.

Although having special days of the year where time with family is celebrated and expected collectively is beneficial, depending on those days alone to catch up and maintain healthy relationships will often leave us lacking real connection with others.

Finding the time to put people first is important for relationships, personal health, and growth in many aspects of life. Maintaining a personable attitude is imperative for many professions and this can be achieved through a healthy balance of contact and rapport with others.

Making a point to put family first creates a better atmosphere and general atmosphere at home with mutual respect and genuine care for others. Having support from family and friends can help a person be more successful and productive in their work and give the drive and motivation to achieve more in his or her career.

Andrew M Wyatt Attorney and Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC), knows long hours and stressful schedules. Putting his clients first in his work can put a stress in his personal relationships, but Wyatt has found a balance between his work and personal life. With three children who are entering adulthood, Wyatt finds the time to help them and be the support they need.

Simple gestures can make the most of the time spent with others. Going out of your way to put the other person first, whether it be choosing a meal a particular family member enjoys, having certain days of the week with even an hour dedicated to loved ones, or a weekend ritual of going out to breakfast, making small gestures toward loved ones provides for stronger, long lasting relationships that could otherwise get lost in the shuffle.


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